Allan Frater

m: 07976711462


I grew up in a village just outside Edinburgh. Having obtained an engineering degree and a teacher training qualification, I eventually moved to London to work in the charity sector. I was a co-director of the Karuna Trust for several years.  

I started meditating in 1993 and this led to my ordination as a committed Buddhist in 1999. A particular interest is the translation of Buddhism into our modern cultural context, exploring the connection between psychotherapy and Eastern traditions. I teach at both the London Buddhist Centre and the North London Buddhist Centre.

My time at the Karuna Trust allowed me to develop an approach to fundraising informed by the qualities of awareness and sensitivity that I had explored through Buddhist meditation. I wrote and directed two movies documenting this work, Big Sister (2005) and On the Threshold (2006), which if you are interested or want to see my ‘talking head’ you can view on-line.

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